SETO 1.56 Blue cut lens HMC/SHMC

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1.56 Blue cut lens is lens that prevents blue light from irritating the eyes. Special anti-blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for watching computer or TV mobile phone use.

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1.56 blue cut optical lens
Model: 1.56 optical lens
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand: SETO
Lenses Material: Resin
Lenses Color Clear
Refractive Index: 1.56
Diameter: 65/70 mm
Abbe Value: 37.3
Specific Gravity: 1.18
Transmittance: >97%
Coating Choice: HC/HMC/SHMC
Coating color Green,Blue
Power Range: Sph:0.00 ~-8.00; +0.25 ~ +6.00; Cyl:0.00~ -6.00

Product Features

1. What is Blue light?
Blue light is a part of natural visible light that is emitted by sunlight and electronic screens. Blue light is an important part of visible light. There is no separate white light in nature. Blue light, green light and red light are mixed to produce white light. Green light and red light have less energy and less stimulation to the eyes. Blue light has short wave and high energy and can directly penetrate the lens to the macular area of the eye, resulting in macular disease.


2. Why we need blue blocker lens or glasses?
While the cornea and lens of the eye are effective at blocking UV rays from reaching our light-sensitive retinas, almost all visible blue light passes through these barriers, which could reach and damage the delicate retina.It contributes to digital eye strain – While this is less dangerous than the effects of the blue light generated by the sun, digital eye strain is something we are all at risk of. Most people spend at least 12 hours a day in front of a screen, though it takes as little as two hours to cause digital eye strain. Dry eyes, eye strain, headaches and tired eyes are all common results of staring at screens for too long. Blue light exposure from computers and other digital devices can be reduced with special computer glasses.

3. How does anti-blue light lens work?
 Blue cut lens features a special coating or blue cut elements in monomer that reflects harmful blue light and restricts it from passing through the  lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light is emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light increases the chances of retinal damage. Wearing eyeglasses having blue cut lenses while working on digital devices is a must as it may help in reducing the risk of developing eye related problems.


4. What is the difference between HC, HMC and SHC?

       Hard coating     AR coating/Hard multi coating        Super hydrophobic coating
makes the uncoated lens hard and increases the abrasion resistance increases the transmittance of the lens and reduces surface reflections makes the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance



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