SETO 1.56 single vision Semi-finished Lens

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The importance of a good semi-finished lens:

1. Semi-finished lenses need to have high qualified rate in power accurancy, stability and cosmetics quality.

2. High optical features, good tinting effects and hard-coating/AR coating results, realizing the maximum production capacity are also available for a good semi-finished lens.

3. Semi finished lenses can reprocessing to RX production, and as semi-finished lenses, not just superficial quality, they are more focus on the internal quality, such as precise and stable parameters, especially for the popular freeform lens.

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1.56 semi-finished optical lens
Model: 1.56 optical lens
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand: SETO
Lenses Material: Resin
Bending 50B/200B/400B/600B/800B
Function semi-finished
Lenses Color Clear
Refractive Index: 1.56
Diameter: 70/65
Abbe Value: 34.7
Specific Gravity: 1.27
Transmittance: >97%
Coating Choice: UC/HC/HMC
Coating color Green

Product Features

1.What is the semi finished lens?
Lenses with different dioptric powers can be made from one semi-finished lens. The curvature of the front and back surfaces indicates whether the lens will have a plus or minus power.
Semi-finished lens is the raw blank used to produce the most individualized RX lens according to the patient's prescription. Different prescription powers request for different semi-finished lens types or base curves.


2. What's the importance of a good semi-finished lens to RX production?
①High qualified rate in power accuracy and stability
② High qualified rate in cosmetics quality
③High optical features
④ Good tinting effects and hard-coating/AR coating results
⑤Realize the maximum production capacity
⑥Punctual delivery
Not just superficial quality, semi-finished lenses are more focus on the internal quality, such as precise and stable parameters, especially for the popular freeform lens.


3.Index 1.56:
1.56 middle index lenses are one of the most popular lenses all over the world. This determines that Aogang 1.56 single vision lenses have the most outstanding optical features:
① Thickness: In the same diopters, 1.56 lenses will be thinner than CR39 1.499 lenses. As the increase in diopters , the difference will be bigger.
② Visual Effect: Compared with high index lenses, 1.56 lenses have higher ABBE value, can provide the more comfortable visual experience.
③Coating: The uncoated lenses are easily subjicted and exposed to scratches, hard coating lenses can effectly scratch resistance.
④Lenses with a 1.56 index are considered the most cost effective lens on the market. They possess 100% UV protection and are 22% thinner than CR-39 lenses. They are available with aspheric technology and are not recommended for a rimless drill mount due to its weak nature.

4. What is the difference between HC, HMC and SHC?

Hard coating AR coating/Hard multi coating Super hydrophobic coating
makes the uncoated lens hard and increases the abrasion resistance increases the transmittance of the lens and reduces surface reflections makes the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance
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