Opto Tech Extended IXL Progressive Lenses

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A long day in the offce, later on some sports and checking the internet afterwards–modern life has high requirements on our eyes. Life is fas-ter than ever – a lot of digital information is challenging us and can not be taken away. We have followed up this change and designed a multifocal lens which is custom-made for today´s lifestyle. The new Extended Design offers a wide vision for all areas and a comfortable change between near and far vision for an outstanding all around vision. Your view will be really natural and you‘ll even be able to read small digital information. Independent of the lifestyle, with the Extended-Design you meet highest expectations.

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Extended IXL

Custom Made Performance for the Life of Today

Extended IXL 1
Corridor Length (CL) 7 / 9 / 11 mm
Near Reference Point (NPy) 10 / 12 / 14 mm
Fitting Height 15 / 17 / 19 mm
Inset 2.5 mm
Decentration up to 10 mm at max. dia. 80 mm
Default Wrap
Default Tilt
Back Vertex 12 mm
Customize Yes
Wrap Support Yes
Atorical Optimization Yes
Frameselection Yes
Max. Diameter 80 mm
Addition 0.50 - 5.00 dpt.
Application Universal

What are the advantages of freeform progressive lenses?

Extended IXL 2

Progressive lenses place the power variation area of the lens on the back surface of the lens, making the progressive surface of the lens closer to the eye, greatly improving the field of vision and allowing the eye to obtain a wider field of vision. The power stable freeform progressive lens is manufactured by advanced free-form surface technology. The power design of the lens is reasonable, which can bring users a more stable visual effect and wearing experience. It is easy to adapt to freeform progressive lenses because they are closer to the eyeball and the shaking feeling on both sides of the lens after wearing is smaller.As a result,it reduces the discomfort of first-time wearers and makes it easier to adapt so that users who have never worn glasses can quickly master the use method.



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