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  • Opto Tech Office 14 Progressive Lenses

    Opto Tech Office 14 Progressive Lenses

    In general, an office lens is an optimized reading lens with the ability to have clear vision also in the middle distance. The useable distance can be controlled by the dynamic power of the office lens. The more dynamic power the lens has, the more it can be used also for the distance. Single-vision reading glasses only correct the reading distance of 30-40 cm. On computers, with homework or when you play an instrument, also the intermediate distances are important. Any desired degressive (dynamic) power from 0.5 to 2.75 allows a distance view of 0.80 m up to 4.00 m. We offer several progressive lenses that are designed specifically for computer and office use. These lenses offer enhanced intermediate and near viewing zones, at the expense of distance utility.