SETO 1.56 Photochromic Blue Block Lens HMC/SHMC

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Blue cut lenses feature a special coating that reflects harmful blue light and restricts it from passing through the lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light is emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light increases the chances of retinal damage. Wearing eyeglasses having blue cut lenses while working on digital devices is a must as it may help in reducing the risk of developing eye related problems.

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1.56 photochromic blue block optical lens
Model: 1.56 optical lens
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand: SETO
Lenses Material: Resin
Lenses Color Clear
Refractive Index: 1.56
Diameter: 65/70 mm
Function Photochromic&Blue Block
Abbe Value: 39
Specific Gravity: 1.17
Coating Choice: SHMC
Coating color Green
Power Range: Sph:0.00 ~-8.00; +0.25 ~ +6.00; Cyl:0.00~ -4.00

Product Features

1) What is photochormice blue block lens?

     The photochromic blue cut lenses are optical lenses that darken automatically in response to the sun UV rays and then quickly return to be clear (or nearly clear) when indoors.At the same time, the photochromic blue cut lens can block harmful blue light and let the helpful blue ray to pass through.

     Photochromic blue cut lenses offer the same amount of protection as sunglasses, without requiring you to purchase and carry around an extra set of eyewear. The following factors influence the light transmission and darkening speed: type of light, light intensity, exposure time and lens temperature.

photochromic lens

2) How to make photochromic lenses?

     Photochromic lenses can be made by fusing a light-responsive chemical layer onto the surface of almost any plastic optical lens substrate. This is the technology used in Transitions lenses. However, they can also be made by incorporating photochromic properties directly into the lens substrate material. Glass lenses, and some plastic lenses, use this “in mass” technology. It is not as common.

3) What is the difference between HC, HMC and SHC?

       Hard coating     AR coating/Hard multi coating        Super hydrophobic coating
makes the uncoated lens hard and increases the abrasion resistance increases the transmittance of the lens and reduces surface reflections makes the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance
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